Plot Progression

I got the keys to my plot at the end of April this year and I worked so very hard to make it so that I could have every area under production this first year. Since I hadn’t yet started this blog at that point I thought I’d show how it has developed from blank slate to lush, productive plot in just short of 5 months:

Day 1 – 19th April 2016

Temporary fence up and the digging begins. – 23rd April

Fencing done and yet the digging continues – 5th May

Digging completed, the weed supprssant goes back down with holes for the beds. I’ve even got crops in the ground! – 9th May

Wood chippings go down on the paths and more seeds are sown – 12th May

Fruit bushes in and more seeds sown – 28th May

Squashes in and dahlias are starting to show their heads – 2nd June

I built a greenhouse! – 7th June
More peas, more squash, more everything! – 13th June

Gutter gardens installed along path and edging added to beds- 18th June

Everything is growing well and construction on the chicken run has started – 4th July

Chicken run nearly complete. Judging for best plot happened on this day (I won!) – 16th July

Harvesting now in full swing -20th July

Dahlias, sweet peas and sunflowers bursting into flower! – 18th August

A month of harvesting and enjoying the space and now things are just starting to die back. Plenty still going strong though! -10th September

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