Autumn Down The Allotments

It’s my first year as an allotment holder and I’ve been amazed by how much more aware I have become about the seasons and changes that my little plot goes through. We had a good late summer, which slowly segued into a lovely autumn. Here’s what went on down the plot during that time. 

Pallet Crate Cold Frame
The first thing that I sorted out was a cold frame to allow me to extend my growing season a bit. This hasn’t been brilliantly successful if I’m honest as I think it has been a bit too drafty. We’ll see how it goes now that I’ve fixed permanent sides to it to take me through the coldest months. 

Allotment 20E Autumn 2016
As crops died back and got cleared I covered the ground back over with the weed suppressant fabric. This is actually one of the things I’m proudest of thinking of when I set up my allotment. When I made the beds I cut out 3 sides, leaving the 4th intact. Then I rolled it back to the edge, using a garden cane in the centre. Come the autumn when the ground was cleared I simply unrolled it back into place. This means that I don’t need to mess about weeding and hopefully will help the ground warm up a little bit sooner in the spring. 

Muck spreading on allotment 20E
When the muck delivery came (one of the perks of joining the allotment association: free poo!) I simply rolled back the fabric covers, forked on my muck, and then covered it back over again. The worms can then spend the winter doing the hard work for me and mixing the muck into the soil. 

December on Allotment 20E
There’s still a surprising amount still growing, thanks to a mild start to the winter but as my crops are depleted through the season I’ll simply cover over more and more of the ground as needed ready to start again come the spring. 

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