The Chickens Are Laying!

I’m very proud of Pepper and Riri, both are now laying nearly an egg a day. They’re being much more reliable than I had thought that they would be. 

I love popping out to see if  I have any eggs to collect. They’ve been absolute stars about laying in the nest boxes, both at home and in their ‘holiday home’ when they stay at my parents’ house. 

Riri seems to take the longest, where as Pepper gets it over and done with without a fuss, Riri will happily grumble, call and cackle as she owes about her business. 

They’re the most adorably tiny eggs too. I recon two bantam eggs are equal to one hen’s egg so they’re brilliant for fried egg sandwiches as you get a nice when distribution of yolks!  Keep up the good work, Girls! 

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