The She Shed

Grey She Shed
I was adamant when I got my allotment that I needed a shed. I needed somewhere to store my tools, to make my tea, to shelter from the inevitable rain! 

Shed Base
I dutifully levelled the base (not very well as it turned out), put down paving slabs and created a sub floor out of two pallets. I’d managed to get my shed off Freecycle and it had been stored in my garage while I made some very necessary repairs to it. Most of one corner was rotten and large chunks of the floor needed replacing but I loved the challenge! 

Moving a shed by bicycle
There was one small problem though. I had originally hired a van to collect the shed and a few other things but couldn’t justify the expense to transport it just a few hundred meters from my house down the hill to the plot. There was no way at all to move it with my car, it was simply impossible. And so Up stepped my trusty bicycle and trailer! Each piece was loade on and carefully wheeled down to the plot, with a friend on hand for the big bits!

Shed Repair In Progress
Once it was in situ and several repairs made to the structure it was time for a coat of paint. I firmly believe that any number of sins can be well hidden under a good layer of Cuprinol! 

Painting the She Shed grey
Then came the fun bit: The Interior! I wanted a space where I could make my tea, sort out seeds and store all of the bits and bobs needed on the plot. 

She Shed Interior
And for those late nights where you just seem to run out of daylight before you’re done I installed a Fairy Lights! This has actually been immensely helpful now that winter is upon us and the days are even shorter. 

She Shed Interior By Night
I love my little She Shed and feel I’m quite the envy of my plot neighbours. I’ve every convenience (that big white box is the ‘fridge’, simply a  styrofoam food shipping box!) and Darcy has a little bed in there so he can go and supervise in comfort. When I won Best Plot over the summer I had a BBQ to celebrate and it made the perfect back drop. The addition of a shower curtain porch provides extra cover in times of rain or even excessive sunshine and gives a lovely space to sit and admire all the work you’ve put in while drinking your brew!

She Shed Party!

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