Wildlife Pond

Wildlife PondA Wildlife Pond is a very simple addition to your plot that provides an area of refuge and shelter to your local wildlife.  It doesn’t have to take up much space at all but setting aside a small space where creatures can rest undisturbed can bring many benefits to your plot. Plant pot wildlife pond

When I first got my plot I was astounded by how many frogs I kept discovering. By keeping back a little bit of uncultivated grass in the corner with a jumble of rocks and rotting wood for shelter I’ve created a safe space for them.  By adding a sunken plant pot as a pond the frogs have stayed on my plot and I have been discovering them patrolling under the squash leaves and keeping pests down all summer. 

Cat litter tray wildlife pond with frog
In the greenhouse I have an even simpler method. A cat litter tray filled with water, a few rocks to help them in and out, and a nice layer of duck weed. As you can see the frogs adore it! 

Frog in cat litter tray wildlife pond

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