Shanty Greenhouse

With my first little plot I didn’t have the space or the budget for a proper greenhouse. I had tried one of the cheap plastic ‘walk in greenhouses’ but it didn’t even last 24 hours before smashing itself to smithereens! 

So I set to to create a little make shift greenhouse, just enough room to start seedlings off and keep some of the more tender plants in. I had a budget of around £20. 

Technically speaking, I measured everything correctly. Unfortunately the physical reality we inhabit seems to disagree so it became a little wonkier than anticipated. A bundle of 8x180cm bits of timber from Wickes were more than sufficient for my needs (and bloody handy elsewhere on the plot!) The roof was found on the rubbish heap and the walls are made from PVC tablecloth fabric stapled on to the wood. The ‘door’ is two old Ikea picture frames joined together in the middle. 

Unfortunately, when I was taking down the fence to unite my two plots there was a strong wind and the single fence post wasn’t up to the task of bracing it so the whole thing blew over!

Happily, there wasn’t any damage to the plants inside it and with just a couple of new staples the whole thing went back together easily. I did take the opportunity to move it to a more sheltered spot, braced against the shed, so that it can’t go anywhere again! Even though I now have a proper greenhouse I think I’ll keep this one as more of a cold frame, it may look rubbish but it does th job brilliantly! And anywhere that gives me extra sheltered growing space is always helpful! 


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