Insect Hotels

I’m keen to adopt a totally organic way of gardening, especially as being a beekeeper I have seen first hand the catastrophic damage that pesticides can cause to our pollinators. Insect life on the allotment is vital to maintaining a good natural balance that keeps pests from getting out of hand. If you maintain habitats for insects that pray on these pests then you are encouraging them to take up residence on your plot and do just that. 

I have a few different insect hotels on my plot already and am going to be adding even more this year. The one above I made from some pallet off cuts, some scraps of roofing felt and some wire mesh. The nesting materials inside are pine cones, teasel heads and short lengths of hollow bamboo. The one below is a ready made insect hotel of a kind that is available from any high street shop with even the smallest gardening section. I’m planning on adding a variety of other habitats, such as small terracotta pots stuffed with straw and suspended above ground and also some ground level insect hotels to encourage beneficial beetles. This should ensure I have a diverse mix of insects living on my plot to help me combat the inevitable pests that also decide to move in! 


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