The Little Bike Trailer That Could!

My little bike trailer is one of the best allotment investments I made last year. Not only does Darcy adore riding in it (it is also known as the Darcy Chariot) but it has enabled me to move all sorts of things down to the allotment, many of which simply wouldn’t fit in the car… like a shed…

I won’t lie, the shed was probably the highlight! Each piece loaded onto the top and walked down to the plot where it could finally be assembled! I’ve transported all sorts of slightly less outlandish stuff though, from greenhouse staging to pallets as it’s so handy to be able to just load up the bike and cycle down the hill. It’s great exercise, no carbon footprint and limits the amount of compost spilt in my car!

I made a few minor modifications to it so that the base would fold flat and allow me to carry larger items. This is fine because I’m never going to have a child sitting in it. Some of the safety straps were missing anyway but the ones left are perfect for securing loads and clipping the dog’s harness in when needed. It may not be the prettiest trailer but my goodness it has worked hard! 



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