Chickens · Quail

Eggs is eggs

My quail finally started laying again yesterday after their (long) winter hiatus so I thought I would write a little bit about how to use different kinds of eggs in baking and cooking. Lots of people can find the differences daunting but it’s actually pretty simple. 

I keep quail and bantam hens and a friend has larger breed hens, from whom I sometimes get the big eggs, so I usually have a mixture of different sizes in the egg basket to work with. For most things I keep it simple and stick to a tested ratio: 1 hens egg=2 bantam eggs= 4 quail eggs

It’s not an exact science but usually all my recipes work just fine with this simple system. The quails eggs have a higher ratio of yolk to white so are actually a good choice when baking something rich like a cheesecake. They just take a bit more work to crack! The bantam eggs too give a bit more yolk and when making a fried egg sandwich are my go to for even yolk distribution across the bread. If I have hens eggs in I’m more likely to use them for baking but if I’m baking a sponge mix  I weigh my eggs first and then match sugar, butter and flour quantities to that so the recipe works no matter what kind of eggs I have on hand!  Different eggs needn’t be scary, once you get the shell off they’re not so different after all! 

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