Garlic Drama

I’ve not grown garlic before but thought I’d have a go this year. I started some Casablanca bulbs in modules at the same time I started the onions and popped them in. If anything they shrank. The onions are thriving but the Casablanca was not having it. A friend also gave me some Flavour garlic as she had extra. Got a slightly panicked text from this friend a few days ago as she thought she had white rot in her’s. Looking at the pictures I had to concur. 

I immediately decided to lift my garlic early. I didn’t want to chance letting an infection like that take hold. A few bulbs looked suspicious but nothing conclusive, the remaining small bulbs are drying out in one of the plastic greenhouses. I am keeping a very close eye on the remaining onions and shallots, they’re looking good so far though. I may try using garlic powder next year on this bed to make any remaining fungus germinate as it can only do so once. Luckily my crop rotation plan is such that it should be six years until alliums go in this bed again so I have hopefully bought myself some time. Has anyone else had any success dealing with white rot? 

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