Allotment · Beekeeping

New Plot!

Exciting times are ahead as I have taken on a new allotment plot! I will be keeping my little plot closer to home but having the extra space will allow me to diversify the kinds of things I grow and especially grow some things that take up more space than my little plot allows. (I’ll be able to grow more than 3 cauliflowers at once for one!)

Bindweed a plenty to keep me occupied!

My main motivation in getting the new plot was gaining the space to keep my bees on my own terms in a more inviting space for them. I will be focusing on building them a special screened apiary first off and everything else on the plot will follow on from that.

This will be the bees’ spot!

There is loads of established fruit, I’m really not joking when I say I’m going to have to go into jam production. Or at least hook up with a food sharing group! Luckily, raspberries are my favourites. There are also some fruit trees (unknown) and a large apricot as shown above.

A bit of tidying up to do but should be low maintenance after that!

My focus to start is having a tidy up and getting the apiary built. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get much of the other ground prepared for growing this year but I’ll do my best over the next few weeks to get as far ahead as possible! I’m really thrilled to have a new project to get stuck into and a new plot of land to put my stamp on. I’ll keep you posted as things progress!

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