Making up Frames for the National Beehive

I buy my frames flat packed so they need to be assembled before use. You will find that cheaper frames are trickier, more splinters, less easy to fit together as the cuts aren’t quite so accurate but Beekeeping is hella expensive so I’m happy enough to have to make a few tweaks/tap it with a hammer in order to save a bit of money! Here’s how you put the frames together:

Assemble your parts

Each frame will need a top bar, two side bars, two bottom bars and 11 frame pins.

Add the two side bars (groove pointing towards the middle) and fix with two pins on each side.

Remove the loose section from the top bar. Tuning a sharp knife along helps to separate it smoothly. Put this safely to one side.

Side view.

Add one of the bottom bars to the side that you did not remove the loose part of the top bar from. Fix with a pin either side.

Top view.

If using wired foundation bend the wire with the these loops to a right angle. Slide the wax sheet carefully down between the grooves with these bend loops towards the part where you removed the loose section of top bar. Easy does it, this part is tricky and if your frames aren’t cut well this is the part that snags the most.

Add the loose section of the top bar back into position. Fix in place with three pins, one through each bent loop of wire. you need to insert these pins in at an angle, not straight or you will go through the frame and out the other side.

Add your last bottom bar and fix with a pin either side.

Ta da! It’s a frame of foundation wax and ready to go in your super!

Now, here’s a quick time lapse video over on my YouTube showing how I actually do it!

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