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Anna’s Boo-Boo Balm

I like to make this Boo-Boo Balm to use on chapped skin, bruises, scrapes, dry skin, whatever needs something nice and rich and unctuous! The beeswax and calendula petals come from my allotment, the oils sadly don’t, but I love being able to use these things that I have grown to look after myself. Calendula oil is dead easy to make, you put a handful of dried calendula petals in a jar of olive oil and leave it! I make some every summer which lasts me the year. I’m also loving this stuff as a hand cream right now to make up for all of the constant hand washing!

20g beeswax

40g calendula infused olive oil

30g coconut oil

10 drops essential oil (I use orange or lavender usually)

⁃ Place everything in a glass bowl over a small pan of boiling water.

⁃ Heat gently until everything is melted together, stirring frequently.

⁃ Pour carefully into jars. Let it cool and solidify completely before putting the lids on or you’ll get condensation and the salve may spoil. Tiny jars make a great gift, if it’s just for me I usually just pop it in a random jam jar!

I’ve tried adding 20g honey to this batch but I think it’s going to separate so jury’s out on that one!

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